off – tila

off – tila

Hyvää materiaalia off-switch -harjoituksiin.

During the “off” behavior I am waiting to see signs that the dog’s arousal level has shifted: a softening of the overall muscular body tension and there turn of more “normal” eye movement. The dog stops staring at me in anticipation of more action and begins to appear more aware of what’s happening around him. I need to make sure that I am relaxed too or it’s not going to help the dog. Wait to see signs of overall relaxation. The dog will often “soften” as he lets go of the muscle tension, and this may even be accompanied by a good sigh of relief. If you haven’t gone overboard with the “on” part, then the “off” should follow quite quickly. Be patient!

At this point, provide the dog with a nice, needed reinforcement. It puts their “patience” into perspective. It may take a few minutes to achieve, but coming down to a less aroused emotional state is not easy. If you’ve overdone it, and that’s most likely as you fine tune your ability to read individual dogs, just be patient, ask for the ”off” behavior, and then be still yourself. You’ll want to stand quietly relaxed (joints flexed, jaw soft, slow blink rate, slow deep breathing) and wait till the dog relaxes, however long it might take. Be sure and watch that you also are giving off clear relaxed body signals. Be soft and supple while standing relaxed. Ahhh, there you have it! Remember we all need some amount of impulse control. Some of us must learn how to achieve self control while with others it happens naturally.

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